Blue Moon has been a vibrant part of the Seacoast community for over fifteen years. We host and participate in a wide array of events in the community. Please check this page for upcoming events.

Up Coming Dig In Classes & Workshops

Getting Back to Balance: A Women's Health Conference

Sunday, February 8th, 2015 10am-4pm $90 (includes lunch) Above Blue Moon Evolution

chicken fingers

With the busy activity of each day it is difficult to maintain a balanced life. We fill our days with lists, things to do, then at the end of the day we look around and still see things left undone. Spinning day after day trying to keep up the hectic pace.  Each of us finds balance in a different way.

Our body tells us when we are out of balance, but we don’t always listen until the imbalance has manifested into a symptom, a sign, or ultimately a disease. Do you push through each day ignoring symptoms and covering them up with caffeine, sugar or a pill? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, achy joints, fatigue, skin issues, bloating or poor digestion?

Don’t Settle For Less, You Deserve More!!

Each day is truly a gift and an opportunity to consciously approach each day seeking balance and to ask yourself: Have I taken care of myself?....

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  • Winter One-Pot Meals Cooking Class
    Thursday, February 19th, 2015 7-9pm $50
    mary ann

    Are you tired of stressing about what to feed your family dinner?  Need some ideas for simple, but flavorful meals?  Don’t stress over your meals, create menu plans with whole food ingredients that your family will love.  

    Meal times are more than just an opportunity to fuel up. It’s a bit of slow time in a really fast world.  It’s a time to connect with your family, and to enjoy home cooked food.  Join us for an evening to renew and refresh your family dinner!

    Learn and taste some simple one-pot meal recipes prepared on top of the stove and in the oven; uncomplicated formulas for delicious soups.....

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Dig In is located above Blue Moon Evolution and is co-founded by Blue Moon Evolution Owner, Kath Gallant, and Health, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Tracey Miller.  » Click here for more info